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The 34Blast Story

34Blast was founded in February 2013 by Ashley Gurrie.

The goal of 34Blast is to provide a no-nonsense approach to IT support for small to medium businesses in and around Frederick County, Maryland. We specialize in serving the medical industry for all IT related needs including navigating the difficult regulations if HIPPA. 

We also serve other industries for their computer needs - take a look at our testimonials here.

How did the company get named 34Blast?

When Ashley was living in Australia, he began playing American Football. He was a little bit larger than he is today so offensive line was the logical choice for a position. The first play he learnt was RAM 34 BLAST, where the left guard (Ashley) pulls and lead blocks for the running back.
It was an enjoyable play that leads to big collisions.

When starting a company (not just an IT company), you should always look for the right domain name that fits. It should be a .COM and it should be easily readable. There were many attempts but none of them read quite right until 34blast was checked and it was available. SOLD!! The rest is history in the making.

Ashley Gurrie - Owner

Born and raised in Australia and has been in the IT industry in some form since 1990. Starting as an afternoon operator running pre-defined end of day scripts to produce sales reports and invoices, moving to application programmer and then into systems administration and network operation.


Since moving to the USA in 2007, Ashley has worked for two MSPs (Managed Service Providers) in Virginia and Maryland, where he honed his craft before starting his own company.

Ashley is married to Dani, who has her own successful company, Together they have 2 wonderful children, Cooper, 14 and Brodie, 12.

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