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Ever wanted to LiveStream your event to Facebook or Youtube?

Well, now you can!!

The Marco Nation on 97.5 WKMZ live stream.

34Blast is proud to announce that live streaming is now an additional product offered to expand your company or sports organization's visibility to the world.

Have a work conference where everyone is not able to attend or it is too costly to pay for travel and accommodation for employees? Then why not live stream the conference and live stream it to Facebook or Youtube.

Live streaming of sports games is easy with the help of 34blast.


Family members live out of town or out of state and would love to watch the first home run, score the first touchdown or score the first goal, but can't be at the game? This is the next best thing - watch it live through Facebook or Youtube.

34Blast is bring some of the biggest moments in your life straight to social media for your enjoyment and convenience. 

Proudly streaming:

Frederick National Little League

Little League baseball from Frederick MD. Streaming the game of the week for your viewing pleasure from the beautifully manicured Staley Field. Streamed games are mostly Friday evenings, subject to weather. Teams are subject to change.

The Marco Nation - 97.5 WKMZ

The 4 state premier morning show with Marco, Ro and Producer Danielle. Get a look behind the scenes of what goes on while the music is playing - streamed every Friday morning from 6am to 10am eastern.

Advertising opportunities during live streams are available

Gain exposure, increase sales and grow your business for not a lot of money!!

Simply fill out the form below and your business can be featured in live streams or call 240-357 0226 to discuss how 34Blast can help you reach customers.

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